Great Lakes Retirement Planning has been providing 401(k) advice to small businesses since our establishment in 2017. We assist institutions that are valued at 50 million or less and/or have 50 or less employees. Our team can help you establish substantial retirement benefits for you and your employees.

Benefits of Retirement Planning

At Great Lakes Retirement Planning, we care and are ready to listen, analyze, and support your concerns and goals. We aspire to assist you with the steps needed to help your employees retire. We strive to help small businesses and middle-class entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of a comfortable retirement.

The size of your portfolio doesn’t determine what kind of help you deserve, nor does it turn you and your business into just another number. Every small business, retirement goal, and all middle-class owners will receive our undivided attention and energy whether you have $10,000 or $1MM in investment capital. See how we can help you make your retirement a reality with Great Lakes Retirement Planning’s investment advisors who are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.